karnataka: Karnataka to unveil revised biotech policy: CM at Bengaluru Tech Summit

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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday said the government would unveil a revised biotech policy at the Bengaluru Tech Summit-2023, an annual global tech event which took off here. Speaking at the inauguration of the three-day BTS, Siddaramaiah also said the state is set to launch the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics, and Extended Reality (AVGC-XR) policy.

“As we continue to champion advancements in biotechnology, I am thrilled to announce that revised biotech policy is set to be unveiled at the Bangalore Tech Summit,” the chief minister said.

This policy revision reflects the Karnataka government’s commitment to staying ahead of all and fostering growth in this critical sector, he added.

Siddaramaiah said that recognising the evolving landscape technology and creativity, the Karnataka government understands the importance of animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics.

“It gives me immense pleasure to share that the Government of Karnataka is set to launch the AVGC-XR policy — a treatment to our ongoing commitment and progress in leading the nation in AVGC sector towards global excellence,” he told the gathering.

Speaking about the state’s contribution to the IT sector, the chief minister said Karnataka’s impact on the IT landscape is nothing short of extraordinary. He said the state is home to over 5,500 IT/ITES companies and approximately 750 multinational corporations and has been a driving force behind the sector’s success, contributing around USD 85 billion to the nation’s exports. This vibrant industry has not only provided direct employment to over 12 lakh professionals, but also creates a ripple effect generating over 31 lakh indirect jobs, Siddaramaiah explained.

According to him, Karnataka’s share of software exports of nearly 40 per cent of the country strengthens its position as a global IT power house.

Karnataka has become the most sought after destination for global capability centers, hosting around 40 per cent of GCCs in India. The availability of a skilled digital talent pool, a thriving innovation and startup ecosystem and a conducive policy environment have fueled the growth story of global capability centres in Karnataka.

Karnataka has consistently held the top spot in NITI Ayog’s India’s innovation index for the last three years and it has been recognised as the best performer in the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) ranking, Siddaramaiah said.

He also said that the state government is focused on building a seamless ecosystem that attracts investment, talent, and opportunities.

Stating that his government wants Karnataka to be seen as a tech hub with an end-to-end ecosystem for innovating and growing businesses, Siddaramaiah said the pro-business policies reflect the dedication to simplifying regulatory processes.

“From affidavit based clearance to land reforms, central inspection systems, and single window clearances, each step we take is aimed at encouraging an industry-friendly environment,” he said.

Karnataka was the first state to introduce a groundbreaking Information Technology Policy in 1997, he said, adding that this initiative made the state a cornerstone of India’s economy, contributing a substantial 25 per cent to the nation’s GDP.

Siddaramaiah said these policies are not developed in isolation, but are driven by collaboration between industry and academia in tandem with the state government.

Vision groups in IT, Biotech and startups comprising industry stalwarts and leaders operate as think tanks, shaping the trajectory of our state’s development, he explained.

Speaking about the challenges, he said the digital divide is a reality which must be addressed, ensuring that the benefits of technology reach every citizen, regardless of their background.

In this regard, he said ‘Beyond Bengaluru’ is a unique initiative in that direction, with the primary focus of developing and enhancing ecosystems in regions beyond Bengaluru and bridging the digital divide.

According to the chief minister, the BTS is not just an event but a celebration of all collective vision, determination and commitment to harness the power of technology for the greater good.

The Karnataka government’s annual BTS — themed ‘Breaking Boundaries’ this year — has brought together tech leaders, startups, investors and research labs from 30-plus countries.

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