Aliens 4K remaster is now available digitally

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James Cameron’s sci-fi action sequel Aliens is finally available on digital platforms, over two decades since its original premiere.

Originally released back in 1986 and remastered under the direct supervision of Cameron himself, Aliens is now available in 4K ultra high-definition on various digital platforms like Prime Video, Vudu and Movies Everywhere.

It’s worth pointing out this is the theatrical version, there is no digital 4K release for the Special Edition as that seemingly will be exclusive to the disc release coming next year.

A legendary sci-fi film, Aliens is a direct sequel to Ridley Scott’s original horror film and stars Sigourney Weaver as the returning sole survivor, Ripley. After drifting in space for decades in hypersleep, she agrees to join a team of Colonial Marines that want to return to LV-426 with the goal of attacking the deadly xenomorphs.

If you want a disc version of Aliens in 4K, that won’t ship until March 12th, 2024. Expect our thorough review on Aliens in 4K shortly.

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