Bullied Cat That Wasn’t Permitted To Eat Finds A Way To ‘Open His Eyes’

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Meet Shrek, a gentle, non-aggressive cat who was found in a colony of cats in Arizona. Shrek was an outsider, either dumped there or had found his way to the colony on his own. Unfortunately, he suffered from a medical condition that affected his eyes, making it difficult for him to see properly and get proper nutrition. Emily Shields, who runs Whiskers and Wishes Sanctuary in Arizona, took Shrek in on June 30th of this year.

When he arrived, he looked beat up, having been in fights with other cats. He had one ear that didn’t stand up properly and big bags under his eyes, making him look constantly sleepy. Shrek suffered from entropion, a condition where his eyelids grew over his eyes. The sanctuary raised money to get him surgery, which decreased the amount of eyelid covering his eyes and allowed him to see better. Now, Shrek has stunning blue eyes that gaze into your soul.

After recovering from surgery, Shrek was adopted by a loving couple in New York City. The couple, described as some of the nicest people Emily has ever met, traveled all the way to Arizona just to adopt Shrek. The cat’s new father even bought a first-class travel ticket so that Shrek would have plenty of room on the trip back to New York.

Unlike many colony cats, Shrek adapted to life indoors quickly. He had never looked up before because he couldn’t see above him, so his new family had to teach him about ‘the vertical plane of existence.’ Now, Shrek plays a lot in his new home, which is a joy to see, as many cats don’t play while in a rescue or kennel.

Shrek’s name comes from his appearance. As male cats grow, they develop big, squishy cheeks due to increased testosterone levels. The person who found Shrek named him after the popular animated character because of his big cheeks and once-unattractive face. Emily believes he looks like a potato, but his love for human attention and loyalty make him more like a dog than a cat.

Shrek’s story has brought a lot of attention to Whiskers and Wishes Sanctuary, allowing them to help even more cats in need. Emily is grateful to Shrek and will never forget him, as she has yet to meet a cat quite like him.

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