Disney’s Wish forms collab with Spy x Family Code: White Movie

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Disney’s Wish is forming a rather unprecedented collaboration with the Spy x Family Code: White movie in Japan.

Disney Japan apparently made the collab happen after realizing how characters Asha and Anya Forger are “similar”, such as how their names only have one syllable difference. Another similarity being how they are accompanied by a pet of sorts that has some sort of power.

The Disney Japan blog also noted that both Spy x Family and Wish have a “star” as a theme, and that both characters are enlightened with knowledge that would “shock their respective worlds”.

Her’s a teaser trailer with narration from Asha and Anya’s voice actresses:

Wish made its way to Japanese theaters on December 15th, and Spy x Family Code: White will arrive December 22nd.

Disney, Spy x Family Code: White, Wish (2023)

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