Fishlabs sees layoffs due to Embracer Group’s restructuring

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Developer Fishlabs have announced they’re downsizing as a result of restructuring by parent company Embracer Group. This downsizing will layoff about 50 employees.

Fishlabs has been known for the Switch ports for Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. While most of their games have been mobile titles, the company did create the space combat game Chorus, which received mixed reviews and struggled in sales back in 2021.

“We are facing a tough moment together,” said Lars Janssen, VP, Worldwide Studios & Talent at PLAION. “Each individual at our Fishlabs studio has been more than just a team member; they’ve been a vital part of our creative journey, bringing not only their skills but also their passion and dedication to every project”.

This announcement also revealed the developer was working on a currently unannounced game known as Project Black. Though given their statement on its “lack of approval”, it can be presumed the game was canceled as a result of this downsizing.

Embracer Group has seen struggles after their acquisition spree in recent years. This case could be related to the company’s plans on closing “a few” development studios by the end of the fiscal year. The most famous example would be Volition, who had been in business for 30 years before its closure.

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