Greaves Retail opens e-three-wheeler mart in Chennai

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The master retailer outlet will foster expansion for OEMs and offer elevated levels of customer service

Greaves Retail, a division of Greaves Cotton Ltd., announced the opening of AutoEVMart, its maiden electric three-wheeler (e3w) master retailer outlet, in Chennai.

“Described as a one-stop shop for a diverse range of e3w, it will address key concerns such as transportation charges and minimum order quantities for dealers,” the mobility solutions provider said in a statement.

Greaves Retail CEO Narasimha Jayakumar said the unveiling of the new outlet was a significant move towards enhancing market accessibility and empowering dealerships to present a diverse array of e3w.

The retail outlets will be backed by Greaves Retail’s range of electric vehicle spare parts to ensure maximum vehicle uptime for commercial customers, he said.

The master retailer outlet in Chennai will serve as a launch pad for the establishment of multiple dealerships across the city, fostering market accessibility. This innovative approach will also enable smaller dealerships to access a diverse range of e3w from a variety of OEMs, empowering them to cater to a variety of customer preferences and demands, ultimately boosting sales potential, the company said.

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