GSK’s Augmentin is India’s no.1 drug brand

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New Delhi: GlaxoSmithKline’s antibiotic drug Augmentin has risen to the top slot in the Indian pharmaceutical market, pushing the popular anti-diabetes drug Glycomet GP to the second slot. Both brands Augmentin and Glycomet GP, which have a strong equity among the doctor fraternity, lost their positions during the pandemic when the market environment demanded covid specific products.

Research firm PharmaTrac data shows Augmentin sales at Rs 801 crore from November 2022-23. For the month of November, Augmentin sales stood at Rs 75 crore.

It has shown a moving annual total (MAT) growth growth of 12.3%.

As per the data, Glycomet GP sales stood at Rs 774 crore from same period and the sales for November stood at Rs 64 crore. It has shown a MAT growth of 7.5%.

The performance of both Augmentin and Glycomet GP is robust as they have shown a positive value growth of 2.8% and 4.3%, the data shows.

For the last few months, GSK’s Augmentin has continued to maintain its top selling brand position.”Augmentin continues to be GSKs hallmark of quality and trust with health care professionals (HCP) for patient care and improving treatment outcomes, Bhushan Akshikar, managing director of GSK Pharmaceuticals told ET.

On the other hand, there has been a gradual decline in the market share of Glycomet GP in the Oral Antidiabetic Drug market, where it is the top selling brand. Sheetal Sapale, vice president, commercial, Pharmarack, blames it on multiple reasons.

“Small but gradual erosion of SU MET base has been seen after many DPP4i and SGLT2 inhibitor molecules went off patent. Some market share has been lost to Sitaglipin, Vildagliptin, Dapagliflozin and Linagliptin branded generics segments,” she said. Branded generics players have also experimented on DPP4i + SGLT2 + Metformin combinations and have gained acceptance of the concept in the market, she said.

“The number of new entrants has resulted in the shift of the eligible patient base too,” Sapale added.

Augmentin has been the choice of drug for the doctors for surgical interventions. Since it is under price control, its affordability has also helped in reaching and retaining the top position.

Augmentin (Amoxycillin + Clavulinic acid) is the original research molecular combination from GSK.

“It is an original researched product, time tested, and a drug of choice. The pent-up surgeries which could not take place during Covid times are happening now, and injectable Augmentin is one of the most preferred for these patients. This is further augmented by seasonal disease pattern which pushes up anti-infectives sales in the second half, monsoons, and winters. Hence the upward trend in sales,” Sapale added.

On the other hand Glycomet GP (Glimepride + Metformin), which is a brand from USV pharma, belongs to chronic therapy and does not have a seasonality disease pattern that’s why a trend deviation in terms of value and units is seen, experts say.

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