Homeless Ginger Kitten Chooses His Adopter But Woman’s Unsure

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Homeless animals await our rescue and some aren’t as lucky as the kitten in this story. However, we are beyond grateful for his rescue. In a Montreal shelter, a ginger kitten in need of round-the-clock care found a lifeline. A team of volunteers stepped in to nurture him. Jess, a seasoned rescuer, hurried to assist, taking the fragile feline home. Through feeding tubes and vigilant warmth, she tended to the kitten, named Mars, during sleepless nights and tireless efforts. Mars’s health improved significantly under Jess’s excellent care, a testament to her dedication.

Animal activist Seline Cro emphasized, “That’s what saved his life.” After barely recovering, Mars’s interest in food grew. He attempted to eat independently and successfully gained weight. Jess, initially not interested in adopting the kitten, had intended to find a good home for Mars. However, the ginger boy had other plans.

From their first meeting, Mars became Jess’s constant companion. He was a little shadow following her everywhere. As Mars grew, his restless energy led to playful fights with other domestic cats, even larger ones. There was no equal in the fearless game he played.

As Mars sought cuddles and rest with Jess, he stealthily secured a place in her heart. When the time came to adopt, Jess recognized Mars had made his choice. At three months old, Mars officially became part of their family, seamlessly transitioning from foster care to a new chapter of life. The fluffy, handsome boy found happiness and transformed into a healthy, tame young cat.

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