ORDI Rockets To New Peaks Alongside Bitcoin’s $42k Surge

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The value of ORDI has increased significantly during the last week, more than tripling, following an astonishing climb. This noteworthy increase aligns with the upward trend of Bitcoin’s value, adding to the cryptocurrency’s recent surge in popularity.

A remarkable occurrence was the overnight rise of ORDI to an unprecedented all-time high, which injected excitement into its recent performance.

Based on the Ordinals protocol of Bitcoin, the token is by far the largest BRC-20 asset. It reached a new peak price of $49.05 today, according to CoinGecko data, after rising 16.3% over the previous day and an astounding 148% over the previous seven days. The fact that ORDI has increased by more than 500% during the past 30 days is similarly astounding.

ORDI Surges: Technicals Mirror Bitcoin’s Bull Market

The market value of ORDI has increased by more than 380% in the past year. These performance gains have demonstrated a significant relationship with the characteristics of the Bitcoin market, raising the prospect that ORDI may follow Bitcoin’s lead during the bull market.

Furthermore, one important technical indication is to support the optimistic viewpoint. The 4-hour chart’s Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) both show positive movements.

ORDIUSD currently trading at $48.82 territory on the daily chart: TradingView.com

Interestingly, the RSI reached 90.24, indicating an overbought state that can indicate a possible decline in price. On the other hand, the MACD’s bullish momentum suggests that there is still buyer interest and that the price will probably continue to rise.

ORDI has had tremendous growth since its founding as a technical experiment on Bitcoin in early 2023. With a $903 million market capitalization, ORDI is the most valuable cryptocurrency by market valuation, ranking it 63rd overall and first within the BRC-20.

Regarding social dominance, Santiment data indicates that ORDI has had an upward trend.

ORDI Doubles In A Week Alongside Bitcoin’s 20-Month Highs

ORDI’s recent surge, fueled by adoption from major exchanges like Binance and OKX, saw its largest increase in the past week, doubling in price. This coincided with Bitcoin reaching its highest point in 20 months, exceeding $42,000.

Bitcoin’s 20% rise over the past month, currently at around $41,800, further emphasizes the synchronized momentum of both cryptocurrencies since ORDI’s launch.

Source: Dune Analytics

Thanks in part to increased activity on the Ordinals protocol, market analysts continue to have a positive outlook for ORDI. With a varied content library and over $46 million in total inscriptions as of writing, ORDI’s popularity inside the Bitcoin network has increased in tandem with the rise in transaction fees. It is a crucial component of the network.

Source: Coincodex

Meanwhile, Coincodex predicts a 104% increase to $55.74 during the course of the following year. ORDI would have reached a new all-time high following its most recent breakout, which coincided with price discovery.

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