PlayStation reportedly planning on selling games in parts for $50 each, raising overall prices to $80-100

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Sony subsidiary Insomniac Games was hit by a massive data breach, after which the hackers threatened to release untold amounts of data unless they got a ransom paid.

Chief among the leaks is an internal presentation that reveals not only is Sony planning on increasing game prices again from $70 to $80-100, they’re also planning to release the next Spider-Man game in three parts, for $50 each.

Even with AAA games raising their prices across the board to a new $70 standard, Sony is planning to release Spider-Man 3 in three parts, two parts for the main game and with the multiplayer separately, for a grand total of $150.

While the leaks total around 1.76 terabytes of confidential data and mostly only relate to Insomniac’s own titles, it gives insight into Sony’s potential plans for all of PlayStation moving forward.

Hackers demanded a ransom of $2 million and Insomniac Games refused to pay it, so all of their data has been leaked to the public.

The leak also included very early media for their Wolverine game, which we now know is planned as part of a trilogy of X-Men games, alongside plans for a new Ratchet & Clank game and the aforementioned Spider-Man 3.

The planned price increase for their games reportedly won’t occur until 2027, which they project will have even more expensive development and production costs.

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