merges with Droobi Health to form new entity DroobiSmit

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The digital health company,, has announced that it has merged with a digital diabetes player based in Doha, Qatar, resulting in the establishment of the combined entity DroobiSmit. The company has disclosed that DroobiSmit will have its headquarters in Singapore, a move aimed at solidifying its position as the primary digital diabetes solution provider across the GCC and South Asia.

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) takes center stage as the main investor and a crucial co-investor in this unified venture. The International Diabetes Federation underscores a concerning surge in diabetes cases in the GCC and South Asia, projecting a steep rise to 320 million diabetic and prediabetic patients by 2030.

“The entity aims to enhance overall health, manage chronic conditions effectively, and reduce healthcare costs. Their services cater to prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension, employing cutting-edge technology, personalized coaching, and data-driven insights. DroobiSmit has garnered support from global entities, including QDB, Qatar Science and Technology Park, M Venture Partners, HealthCase LLC, Barzan Holding, Doha Tech Angels, and a collective of 15+ reputable investors,” the company said.

The leadership of DroobiSmit will be entrusted to Sujit Chakrabarty, the former head at, and Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, founder of Droobi Health. Sujit will assume the role of CEO, while Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, the former Minister of Telecom and IT in Qatar, will join the Board of the Company.

In outlining the company’s growth strategy, Sujit Chakrabarty emphasized, “The company adopts a B2B2C growth strategy and has collaborated with over 25 leading healthcare players across the GCC and India, including top-tier hospitals, clinic chains, insurance companies, and employers. We are actively exploring avenues to introduce our unique model to emerging markets, notably Saudi Arabia.”

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