‘Stupid’: Kevin De Bruyne On Slams Journalist Over Belgium’s Failed Golden Generation Question, Journo Hits Back

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Kevin De Bruyne stormed out of the conference room after a journalist asked him a question about Belgium’s failed golden generation. Following Belgium’s 0-1 loss to France in the Euro 2024 Round of 16, a journalist asked the midfielder about his team’s failure to win anything significant in recent years despite boasting a squad rich in talent.

Unhappy with the question, De Bruyne responded, “Do you think that France, England, Spain and Germany do not have a golden generation?” The midfielder then thanked everyone and left the conference room while calling the journalist ‘stupid’. A clip of De Bruyne’s reaction was shared on Instagram by Live Here We Go. The post’s caption read, “Kevin De Bruyne was not happy when asked about a flop of Belgium’s golden generation…”

De Bruyne’s reaction has resulted in a flock of comments gathering on the post. One of them wrote, “Wtf is that question, he just lost, leave him alone.”

A netizen suggested that it was actually Eden Hazard who used to do the major heavy lifting for the team. “Maturing is realising Hazard carried that Golden Generation,” he wrote.

Another agreed and wrote, “There was no golden generation. It was just Hazard”.

One suggested that the team’s failures weren’t De Bruyne’s fault as he always delivered during the hour of need. “This guy always provides, the problem is the finisher,” he said.

Another talked about how different the Belgium versus France match was when compared to their clash six years ago. “In 2018, the match between France and Belgium was very exciting. Today it was very complicated to see a show.”

Belgium’s campaign for European glory was brought to an end by Didier Deschamps’ Frenchmen at the Merkur Spiel Arena on July 1. Hence, it wasn’t surprising to see a frustrated De Bruyne during the press conference. Hours later after De Bruyne’s reaction caught the internet’s attention, the involved journalist Tancredi Palmeri hit out at the midfielder on X.

He ensured to remind De Bruyne that every team he mentioned had at least made the finals of a premier tournament. His post read, “Ahah DeBruyne just called me stupid. Hey Kevin, little memo for you: the golden generation you mentioned of France, England, Germany and Spain they ALL REACHED A FINAL!”

The journalist went further and labelled the Belgian midfielder as a spoiled brat. “Usual footballer that wants only a question telling him how good they are. Spoiled brat.”

In recent years, Belgium has given the world some top talents across various positions in football. Big stars such as Hazard, De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Thibaut Courtois have all featured for Belgium during this period but have failed to win a single tournament. The best they managed was a semi-final during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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