Taiwan man fined for calling woman “Cart Titan” on social media

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Free speech is being attacked yet again as a man in Taiwan is being forced to pay a fine for calling a woman the “Cart Titan” from anime Attack on Titan on social media.

News in Taiwan reported that the man is being hit with a lawsuit and fined 12,000 TWD (roughly $380) after he compared a woman’s appearance to that of the “Cart Titan”.

The Cart Titan is one of the anime’s many disfigured giants that wreak havoc and kill without mercy, and are also known for having absurdly comical bodies.

The offended woman took legal action against the man for daring to speak his mind, and worse yet, there was another who was punished more severely for making similar remarks, albeit of a more suggestive nature. This individual was hit with a $790 fine and a 25-day detention sentence.

Apparently, a vast majority of individuals sided with the woman, claiming the Cart Titan remark to have been “inappropriate and offensive”, and a lawyer also claimed the “court likely interpreted the act as malicious and defamatory, justifying the legal consequences”.

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