TechM’s new platform to create flexible job options for gig workers

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Tech Mahindra launched Populii, a crowdsourcing platform that enables gig workers to collaborate with leading organisations through micro jobs requiring “human-in-the-loop services”.

 The platform would create flexible work opportunities for the gig workforce while equipping businesses with reliable data from trained and qualified candidates to build competitive AI algorithms, said the tech firm on Wednesday.

Populii is expected to create extensive opportunities for gig job seekers around data management, microtasks, and user studies with industry-leading enterprises. Gig jobs on Populii will include content rating, data collection, data transcription, and data annotation of multiple data types.

The platform will also support enterprises in creating production-grade machine-learning models with the help of a qualified workforce and flexible crowd delivery models, enabling businesses to access a pool of skilled talent for a quick ramp-up, the company said.

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