Top 5 Games to Grab During the Maui Strong Steam Sale

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Maui is still recovering from a series of wildfires that broke out in August, so how about you donate to a worthy cause and get some good games in return?

Multiple companies have put their games on sale in support of Maui. The event is hosted by publisher Komodo Hawai’i, known for Pocket Mirror, Deathsmiles, and OneShot.

Below we separated some of the best games available on sale, so you can do a good thing and also get some good games in the process.

5- The Witch’s House MV

The Witch’s House is a staple of classic RPG Maker, and is still remembered fondly by horror fans for its disturbing content and increasingly violent deaths.

Players are put in the shoes of Viola, a girl who finds herself weirdly compelled to enter an abandoned mansion. It turns out that the mansion is filled with traps, which nobody would be able to survive normally.

The Witch’s House has a pretty fun gameplay loop of trial and error, as the instant kill traps and puzzles get more complex and wild as the game progresses.

The Witch’s House MV is available for $7.49 on with a 50% discount on Steam.

4- Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins is a challenging souls-like metroidvania in which the player is put in the shoes of a defenseless airhead schoolgirl.

The game features fantastic art, both for enemies and environments, as well as expertly designed and dense levels, making its progression feel buttery smooth.

Lost Ruins places a heavy emphasis on item usage and planning, as every encounter can be deadly if the player isn’t properly prepared. The game’s difficulty curve can be a lot for some, but those who seek a challenge will be quite pleased with the game’s unrelenting challenges.

Lost Ruins is available for $9.99 with a 50% discount on Steam.

3- Minit

What would you do if you had one minute left to live? If that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, Minit will prove you otherwise.

In Minit, you pick up a cursed sword that only lets you live for sixty seconds before kicking the bucket, but with enough planning, you can get quite far.

The game manages to be extremely enjoyable despite this crazy limitation, as the puzzles and combat are both very fun to go through, making it a unique experience of living life one minute at a time.

Minit is available for $2.49 with a 75% discount on Steam.

2- Ape Out

Devolver Digital specializes in top-down games where you go on insane killing sprees, as shown by their breakout hit Hotline Mami.

Ape Out happens to be pretty similar to Hotline Miami in premise, but manages to carve out its own identity quite nicely.

The game is a frenetic trek through maze-like environments accentuated by unending carnage and thumping jazz beats. Also, you get to play as a gorilla, which is pretty cool.

Ape Out is available for $3.74 with a 75% discount on Steam.

1- Devil May Cry HD Collection

Capcom was one of the companies that joined the Maui Strong Steam sale, as they promise to donate part of the profits to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s established fund.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is the most cohesive point of entry into this classic franchise, serving as a 3-in-1 deal for anyone who wants to partake in some of Dante’s earlier exploits.

Hack-and-slash fans should be legally required to play these games, not only to see how the Devil May Cry franchise started, but also because they are legit masterpieces.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is available for $9.89 with a 67% discount on Steam.

The Maui Strong sale is running from 12/18-10:00 AM until 12/21-10:00 AM (PST). You can view all of the available games on sale right here.

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