VanEck Forecasts $2.4 Billion Inflows In Q1 2024

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The crypto market is on the brink of a potentially game-changing shift, as investment management firm VanEck predicted. In a recent analysis, VanEck forecasts a substantial inflow of funds into Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), expecting more than $2.4 billion to be injected in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

This bullish prediction aligns with the anticipated launch of the first Bitcoin spot ETF in the US, which could positively change the crypto landscape.

Bitcoin Bullish Forecast

This forecast emerges against a backdrop where investors are increasingly gravitating towards ‘hard money’ assets, those which remain largely unaffected by the whims of US authorities, as indicated by VanEck

In this context, Bitcoin emerges as a particularly appealing option due to its “resilience” and limited correlation with conventional financial markets.

Despite the expected market volatility, VanEck’s analysts maintain strong confidence in Bitcoin’s market stance, projecting that its price will unlikely fall below the $30,000 mark in early 2024.

Bitcoin (BTC) price is moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: BTC/USDT on

VanEck’s report delves further into Bitcoin’s future, highlighting the significance of the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024. This event is anticipated to “proceed without a major fork or missed blocks” catalyzing a surge in Bitcoin’s value.

Unsurprisingly, the firm predicts that November 9, 2024, could witness Bitcoin attaining a new all-time high three years after its last peak.

Bitcoin cycle price peak.
Bitcoin cycle price peaks. | Source: VanEck

VanEck added that such a milestone could even see Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, being named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year,” particularly if Bitcoin reaches the $100,000 threshold.

Ethereum And Solana’s Rising Tide: VanEck’s Perspective On Altcoin Market Dynamics

In contrast to Bitcoin’s expected dominance, VanEck casts a different light on Ethereum’s future. The firm anticipates that while Ethereum will not surpass Bitcoin in market cap in 2024, it is likely to outperform every major tech stock.

However, Ethereum is projected to face challenges from other smart contract platforms like Solana, which present fewer uncertainties regarding scalability. VanEck’s analysis suggests that while Ethereum will show strong performance, it will lose market share to these emerging platforms.

The report also touches upon geopolitical implications for Bitcoin. Countries like Argentina are expected to follow El Salvador’s lead by sponsoring state-level Bitcoin mining and leveraging their energy resources.

This trend, combined with Bitcoin’s regulatory clarity and energy intensity, is predicted to draw attention from quasi-state entities in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

According to VanEck’s insights, the post-halving period will see a market rally led by Bitcoin, with value eventually flowing into smaller tokens.

Lastly, VanEck casts a spotlight on Solana, predicting its rise to become a top-three blockchain by market cap, Total Value Locked (TVL), and active users. This ascent is anticipated to fuel Solana’s entry into the spot ETF wars, with a surge of filings expected from asset managers.

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