Warframe – How to play as Kahl-175

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Did you want more of Kahl’s unique gameplay from the New War quest? Well, DE got you covered.

The addition of other playable characters in Warframe has helped players get a new point of view when it comes to the game’s major story, and nothing has made players more sympathetic towards the Grineer than Kahl-175.

Kahl was immediately well-received by players, despite his playable section in the New War quest being a little clunky. Thankfully, he has his own set of playable missions now, which feel much better to play.

The first step towards unlocking Kahl-175 is to finish the Veilbreaker quest, which has him partner up with Daughter, from Deimos. The quest serves to establish a relationship between Daughter and Kahl, as well as to showcase the motives that cause him to break free from both Narmer and the Grineer Queens.

After finishing up the Veilbreaker quest, players will have access to Kahl’s Garrison, which originally served as the Drifter’s camp, as well as his weekly missions.

Each weekly Kahl mission has six extra objectives, which award the player with stock, a currency that can later be spent in exchange for mods, cosmetics, and the Styanax Warframe.

Kahl enters each mission with a Grakata and a Slaytra, and can find more Grineer-themed weapons as he explores each level. Every mission features a certain number of collectables, some are required for extra objectives, while others will award stock upon being picked up.

Players have to be very methodical when playing as Kahl, as he doesn’t have the movement capabilities that the Tenno possess, instead focusing on stealth and outsmarting enemies.

Unfortunately, there are only three missions available to Kahl, meaning that players will see all content available in this game mode very fast. The missions don’t rotate on their own, and require the player to clear the previous one to keep things moving.

Ranking up with Kahl’s syndicate will bring in more NPCs, slowly unlock the Styanax Warframe and his signature weapon, Afentis, as well as progress Kahl’s relationship with Daughter.

Reaching level 5 with Kahl’s Garrison will also unlock different Archon Shards for purchase, which are Warframe‘s current endgame goal.

One of the coolest things available for purchase with level 5 is the Skaut ship, which has the ability to bring Kahl and some of his fellow Grineer into a mission to help you out, making it so he isn’t only stuck at his camp while you’re waiting for the weekly reset.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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