You Helped Control The Stray Cat Population While Keeping Lots Of Kittens Fed!

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Every time you shop at the iHeartCats store, some of that profit goes to Greater Good Charities, an organization that helps lots of animals in need. Through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program, food and other essential supplies are donated to animal shelters and rescues. These donations can be life-changing for many cats in need, such as the stray cats of Michigan.

Stray cats can multiply fast, and with so many cats wandering the streets, it’s hard for them all to find enough food. Luckily, there are plenty of animal lovers out there who care about these felines, such as a woman named Linda and her father.

When Linda and her father moved to a farm, they spotted two yellow eyes staring at them from the grass outside. When they looked closer, they saw a black kitten with bright yellow eyes crouched down in the grass. He was a feral kitten who refused to let them pick him up, but they named him anyway: Eyeballs.

Linda’s dad has a soft spot for animals in need, so he would leave food out for Eyeballs. Soon, other stray cats showed up, so he fed them too. Eventually, litters of kittens appeared near the barn, causing Linda and her dad to realize that the cat population was getting out of hand. Linda was able to take some of the young kittens into her care and find homes for them, but all the adult cats were too fearful of humans to become pets.

The stray cats had food year-round, and they could stay in the barn for shelter when it got cold. However, feeding that many cats every day was a lot for Linda’s dad to handle, and it took a huge chunk out of his paycheck.

Seeking Help for the Cats

After about five years of feeding the cats, Linda and her dad found out about Branch Area Rescue Coalition (BARC), an organization that provides spay and neuter procedures. With the help of BARC, they got the stray cats fixed to better control the feline population. Before discovering BARC, Linda had no idea there were resources like that out there.

stray cat with food donation

Greater Good Charities also helps by donating cat food that Linda and her dad can use to feed the stray cats. Thus, they can keep the cats happy and healthy without having to break the bank. Most of them are now spayed/neutered because BARC was able to use traps to catch them and get them fixed.

“With the help of BARC, we have, quicker than I would have ever imagined possible, got the cat population stabilized, with grant money that BARC has allocated to us for the cats to be spayed and neutered,” Linda wrote. “The cats are all healthy, due to being fed good quality food because of your donations. So, thank you all very much on behalf of the cats, my father, and I.”

When you shop at the iHeartCats store, you’re helping cats in need get fed. So, thank you to all the heroes who have purchased products to help our feline friends.

The following products provide quality food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups and kitties.

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