Young Woman Rescues Orange Tabby Kitten But He Continued To Weep

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In this particular tale, the ending is both unexpected and amazing! One day, a young animal lover named Katie was walking home when she found a tiny Ginger kitten abandoned near a dumpster. Her heart broke for the poor little soul. The cat was so tiny that Katie had no idea how he survived on his own. She scooped the kitten up and vowed to him that he would never be on his own again. She cradled him in her arms and walked back home. Katie decided to name him Nolan and hugged him tight.

As she got home, Katie looked at Nolan, hoping he would be relieved that he was finally safe. But instead of joy and purrs, Nolan wept. His eyes filled with tears. Katie was confused. She had no idea what was making Nolan so unhappy. Was he upset that he now had to spend his life indoors? It certainly made Katie wonder.

She gave Nolan some space by placing him in a warm bed and giving him some food to eat. He calmed down, but then, as soon as she picked him up again, his eyes welled up with tears. At this point, Katie was convinced that Nolan would be better off in another home and it broke her heart.

Confused and concerned, Katie called the local vet clinic and made an urgent appointment for Nolan. She knew he needed a thorough checkup before placing him up for adoption. Katie explained what had happened and showed the vet that Nolan ‘didn’t like her.’ When Nolan was on the exam table, he was fine. But as soon as Katie picked him up once again, his eyes watered.

The vet checked Nolan over and had a lightbulb moment. The kitten wasn’t crying; he was suffering from an allergic reaction. He asked Katie to pick him up one more time, and just like the vet predicted, Nolan cried again. He explained that the kitten was allergic to her makeup, and his tears had nothing to do with how he felt in his little kitty heart.

Katie stopped using that brand of makeup, and their bond became stronger than expected. There were no more kitty tears, only purrs and kisses. What an incredible story!

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